The knight who loved challenges

1963 1963 The great challenge began in 1963, in a Fiat Cinquecento marked:
Impresa edile Angelo Carron - San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Treviso).
The driver was a young man with big ideas and a lot of energy. Angelo Carron was nicknamed "The knight who loved challenges" for his perseverance and his talent.

'60/'70 The sixties and seventies were years of rapid growth and continual hard work: Carron was awarded a project for renovation of Noè Bordignon elementary school in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, and then set up a successful real estate venture, also in San Zenone.

'80 At the beginning of the eighties, the company diversified by taking on infrastructure construction projects in the hinterland. This is when the process of organising the company began: a lot of responsibilities were delegated to employees, and the profits generated were reinvested in improving the company and its quality standards. The ‘horseman’ ran the company with a strong hand and demanded a rapid solution to any problem, for as he used to say: "A problem solved is a problem saved".

'90 In the nineties Carron signs could be seen everywhere in Castelfranco, on 200 homes being built in the Bastia district and the restoration project for the city library and the former Standa department store. The company stood out not only on the market but in society and sports, taking the Giorgione Calcio soccer team into division C2 and with prestigious participation in Calcio Treviso and support for a number of competitive sports. In the second half of the nineties the company expanded outside of its native town into Alto Adige, signing a contract with the provincial authorities for a 45 billion lira contract for restoration of the Hotel Savoy in Merano and renovation of the Accademia Europea building. Carron S.p.A. was now considered one of Italy's great construction firms, and earned the confidence of the charmain of the Fondazione Cassamarca, Dino De Poli, who appointed the company to building the new Treviso University in 1999, a project which was completed in record time in October 2000.

2001 After the premature death of the "Knight", his son and daughters took over the company: Diego and his sisters Arianna, Paola, Marta and Barbara. The company began pursuing ambitious new goals and expanding in the Triveneto area. In addition to Treviso, it now had construction projects underway in Padua, Verona and Friuli. During this decade a number of infrastructure projects, civil construction and restoration projects were acquired. This constant growth saw the company hard at work on projects including Canova Airport in Treviso, restoration of Villa Emo, construction of the Vicenza university campus and Conegliano hospital, reclamation of San Gaetano Cultural Centre in Padua, redevelopment of the faculty of sociology in Trento and a number of infrastructure projects linked with improvement of traffic routes in Mestre.

2010 Saw the inauguration of Aquapolis sports and aquatic centre in Bassano del Grappa under a project financing agreement with the local government. With construction of the town hall in Onna, a green building project based on criteria of sustainability, the company contributed to the reconstruction process following the earthquake in L’Aquila on behalf of the German embassy.

2012 With the social housing project in Via Cenni in Milan, Carron became a key player in Europe's biggest wooden housing project. The company consolidated its presence in the city of Milan with a major social housing project in Figino, redevelopment of Palazzo Uffici in Via Filzi and restoration of Palazzo Turati, the new home of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.


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The knight who loved challenges

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