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Building a better tomorrow for the past 50 years

"Commitment and the pleasure of building" has been our motto for years, underlining our great dedication to what we do. It is on the construction site that Carron shows its best side, and all our construction sites represent a small step toward a better tomorrow, a future aware of the need for human development and safeguarding the environ Founded by Angelo Carron in 1963, the company rose to success thanks to its founder's intuition and uncommon talent.
The '90s saw an important turning point, with prestigious projects in Alto Adige and Treviso. In 2001 Angelo handed over the reins to his son and daughters: Diego took over as chairman of the group, and his sisters Arianna, Paola, Marta and Barbara took on management positions in the most important areas of business. The managerial organisation set up by Diego Carron, his rigorous approach to construction and his focus on innovation, safety and training consolidated the positive trend that has made the company, 50 years old in 2013, one of Italy's most prominent construction firms.
Carron is now active in construction, restoration and large infrastructure projects all over northern Italy; with the aim of establishing stronger roots and better organisation in the areas where it works, the company recently opened a branch in Trento and a local office in Milan.
Recent references include: “Una comunità per crescere” social housing project in Via Cenni, Milan, a futuristic housing complex made entirely out of solid wood; renovation of the passenger terminal at G. Marconi Airport in Bologna; the new Diesel headquarters; the new Bottega Veneta headquarters; Le Terrazze shopping centre in La Spezia;

Expansion of the Botanical Gardens and restoration of Palazzo Dondi dell’Orologio in Padua; renovation of the Manifattura Tabacchi, a former tobacco plant in Rovereto; widening of route 612 in Val di Cembra; modernisation of highway 415 Paullese in Cremona; renovation of the Ramirez and Battisti barracks in Aosta. In the Lombard capital the company is currently working on construction of the ‘sustainable village’ of Figino, a project involving construction of 16 buildings in a 50,000 square metre area with a total of more than 300 residential units, and restoration of Palazzo Turati. 2012 saw Carron's international debut with the prestigious restoration of Fort Sant'Elmo on the island of Malta.
The company demonstrated its great awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability by installing a photovoltaic installation on the roof of its head offices which will save 6,372,000 kg of CH2 emissions over the next thirty years, serving the same ecological function as 9100 new trees. "We have grown over the past decade and increasingly expanded beyond the region that is our home, though without neglecting our ties with the area where our business was born and grew up," says Diego Carron. "It is precisely as a result of this relationship of great respect that we continue to behave responsibly year after year, with unchanged dedication to ongoing improvement, aiming to achieve growth of social consciousness and guarantee the safety of our employees and the wellbeing of everyone who works with us”.
For this purpose the company wrote its code of ethics in 2013, expressing its commitments and ethical responsibilities in conducting its business and activities.

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