“Together, we grow” has always been the vision making Carron stand out, as both a company and a family. Founded in 1963 by Cav. Angelo Carron as “Impresa edile Angelo Carron – San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Treviso”, the company has constantly evolved, characterised by innovation and its across-the-board approach, developing in terms of its projects, size, portfolio and value of production. In 2001, after the untimely death of the company's founder, the baton was passed on to the second generation: today, all five children play leading roles in the Group's management team, ensuring that the business continues to grow with the same forward-looking vision on which it was founded. 
Today, Carron Group is recognised as being one of the most important players in Italy's construction and restoration industry. It is among Italy's top thirty firms for large civil and infrastructure projects, which it manages both as a constructor and as a promoter of initiatives, through public-private partnerships, and a real estate developer.
It employs over two hundred and thirty individuals, creating work for around one thousand people every day.
Its headquarters are in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Treviso), with secondary offices in Milan. It is also present in Trentino Alto Adige, through the company Carron Bau Srl, headquartered in Bolzano.
As well as efficiency, the Group's development path is also based on sustainability, as it has always focused on employee welfare and is firmly committed to defending and supporting the local communities where it operates, through cultural, sporting and social initiatives. 

“Our focus on people, both inside and outside the company, is and shall remain at the heart of our management strategy, ensuring responsible development”
(the Carron family).