The works consist in the urban redevelopment of the territory around Lavis (Trento) in terms of town planning, including the road system, and the safety, intermodal design and efficiency of the public transport system. The works began in June 2016, and according to the time schedule, will end in October 2018. As part of a series of actions aimed at the functional reorganisation of connection networks within the municipal territory, the most significant aspect is the underground repositioning and doubling of the Trento Malè railway line, but new underpasses, pedestrian paths, cycle paths and paths for people with special needs, the new Lavis station and a park to replace the tracks are also planned. The choice of design solutions and consequently, the result of the works in their entirety makes of Carron a top player, responsible of every design choice as the awarded contract, being a Competitive Tender, also included construction designing. This action globally resolves the numerous aspects that have conditioned and affected over time the Municipality of Lavis, improving the quality of life of its residents.
  • Contracting entityProvincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Place Lavis (TN) view map
  • Work start date28/06/2016
  • Work end date13/12/2018
  • Type of workInfrastrutture
  • DesignerStudio SWS e Studio Gaspari