Restoration and Restructuring

This project by Park Associati and Snøhetta in Milan merges architecture, landscape and two different approaches to design to create a generous, permeable and publicly accessible building that becomes an area of transit and urban reconnection.
Following strip-out and demolition work, the complex now consists of 2 underground floors and an 8-storey above-ground shell. The project involves the renovation of the existing building and the construction of a new 2-storey roof extension, the construction of a new building called the
‘Bordoni Building’, consisting of 6 above-ground levels and a basement, and the construction of a metalwork ‘bridge’ called the ‘Bridge Building’, which will connect the existing building with the Bordoni Building Pirelli 35 consists of 2 buildings: The existing C-shaped building is approximately 40 metres high. The existing structure is preserved, while floors 9 and 10 (roof extension) are the subject of new construction.
The new building (Bordoni Building) has an L-shaped floor plan and is 20 metres high. It includes a newly constructed portion in reinforced concrete and a suspended metalwork portion, bridging the 2 bodies (Bridge Building).
The ground floor includes the main lobby and shops (retail): these spaces are organised around a courtyard. Floors 1 to 10 house the offices. All the buildings feature newly constructed glazed and opaque aluminium facades. The aluminium cladding features a textured finish, simulating GFRC and brass (existing building towards Piazza Einaudi and towards the courtyard) and brick (Bordoni Building), in terms of texture, colour and three-dimensional dusty effect.


  • Contracting entityCOIMA SGR S.p.A.
  • Place Milano view map
  • Work start date04/04/2022
  • DesignerSnøhetta - Park Associati