The contracted works regard the construction of the 400_Entrance Building, which completes the series of buildings already under construction by Carron and now in the completion stages: FAST TRACK 01, FAST TRACK 02 and Q.A. Labs, as part of the iCARE complex by Phillip Morris International in Crespellano (Bologna). The building presents itself as an intersecting group of structural volumes, linked internally with co-penetrating spaces. Similar treatments in terms of building envelope unify the volumes aesthetically and architecturally, so that they constitute a single overall building complex. It is located on the south side of the lot, at one end with respect to the group of buildings that form the entire industrial park. The contracted works call for the complete construction of the 400_Entrance Building, the adjacent exterior works, the construction of a reflecting pond and a forecourt in front of the main entrance, and everything necessary for connecting to the urban infrastructure services, covered by a different contract.
  • Contracting entityIntertaba S.p.A.
  • Place Valsamoggia (BO) view map
  • Work start date15/01/2015
  • Work end date15/05/2017
  • Type of workDirezionale
  • DesignerPolitecnica