ConstructionSede Societaria

The project involved the construction of the new headquarters for the company Pizzato Elettrica, a leading company in the construction of position switches, limit switches, micro-switches and safety switches. Two new buildings were constructed, differentiated in terms of function and connected by walkways, as well as internal pedestrian pathways and driveways on the lot. The building that houses the offices is rectangular in shape, with the longest side overlooking Corso della Ceramica, whilst the production structure, square in shape, is within the lot. The space between the two factory bodies, being approximately 13 metres, is characterised by an extensive void ensuring good illumination and ventilation for the overlooking rooms. The production building will have three levels, two being above ground and one below ground. The office building, which also contains a number of workshops, is split into three levels above ground and two below ground. Both buildings have been designed to be easily enlarged into the southern areas of the lot used for greenery, should future expansion be required. The total area of the project is approximately 28,000 square metres of new construction, divided into a 22,500-square-metre production building and 5,500-square-metre office building.

  • Contracting entityPizzato Elettrica
  • Place Marostica (VI) view map
  • Work start date21/09/2017
  • Work end date20/09/2019
  • Type of workSede Societaria
  • DesignerArchingegno – Arch. Alberto Pontiroli