ConstructionNuovo polo ospedaliero

The basic idea behind the project was to structure the hospital complex into 4 blocks for various healthcare and other services, simultaneously dividing the services for inpatients (high- and low-care stays) from the areas dedicated to diagnosis and treatment, along with an internal structure (Block A) dedicated to outpatient services, for Day Care (Day Hospital and Day Surgery) activities. Structurally, the building is defined as “fully base-isolated”, with the entire structure supported on over 550 seismic isolators and sliding supports which allow the load of the entire building to be fully carried by the foundation system (the vertical actions),
but at the same time completely isolate it with regard to the horizontal forces that are typically generated during a seismic event. In addition to the ongoing works are all the preparatory works such as the creation of an alternative road network for residents, solving interferences with underground utilities, explosive ordnance surveys and archaeological surveys that have brought to light the remains of various dwellings and over 100 Roman and prehistoric era burials along with various accompanying objects. During the work, Carron S.p.A. was granted a further contract for the design and construction of the entire external road network connecting the new hospital facility with the provincial road.

  • Contracting entityRegione Marche
  • Place Fermo (FM) view map
  • Work start date06/12/2017
  • Type of workNuovo polo ospedaliero