Restoration and RestructuringAlberghiero

The restoration operation for the preservation of the Palazzo Ex Ras in the historic centre of Trieste involved a series of activities aimed at the functional recovery of the Palace, once the headquarters of the Trieste RAS - Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà, and today Allianz, for the partial conversion of the property into a hotel belonging to the Hilton chain. The building, the refurbishment of which restored its original splendour, falls under assets subject to protection, for which each operation is subject to the requirements of the Superintendence. Built in 1909, the property is partly occupied by commercial activities that are not subject to the planned works. Because of the need to ensure the visibility of and accessibility to the shop Coin and to other commercial activities that continue to operate throughout the works, cantilever scaffolding was put up on the façades of the shops, whilst along the remaining sides there is a pedestrian tunnel to allow people to walk through. The structural operations, the building works, the restoration and installation - each aspect has been initiated by considering both the coherence with the prestigious architectural and cultural context of the city, along with availing of the most innovative solutions in the management of spaces and services.
  • Contracting entityAllianz S.p.A.
  • Place Trieste (TS) view map
  • Work start date26/07/2017
  • Work end date16/12/2019
  • Type of workAlberghiero
  • DesignerCaberlon Caroppi