Restoration and RestructuringCollettività

Renovation of two specular buildings of 5 above-ground floors and a basement level, separated by an internal communal courtyard and centrally connected on the ground floor by a covered structure in reinforced concrete and via the basement with a tunnel. The operation consisted in the functional recovery of the two buildings with the construction of two distinct Residential Care Facilities having 200 beds each, referred to as the “Residenza Massimo D’Azeglio”, with its main entrance from Via Marochetti no. 11 and the “Residence Parco Valentino” with its main entrance from Via Chiabrera

no. 34. Between the two buildings, the internal condominium courtyard was retained for the use of the structures. From a construction point of view, the buildings feature a solid reinforced concrete structure, external hollow walls and a flat roof, which is unusable. The external surfaces of the facades are covered with travertine slabs.

The complete renovation of the building consisted in demolition interventions and removal of all the walls and internal partitions, structural reinforcement, requalification of the external facades, remake of all the internal finishes and implementation of new mechanical, electric and special systems.

  • Contracting entityCarron cav. Angelo S.p.A.
  • Place Torino (TO) view map
  • Work start date31/01/2018
  • Work end date22/05/2019
  • Type of workCollettività
  • DesignerStudio Pierro