ConstructionResidenza Sanitaria Assistenziale

New rectangular building consisting of an underground floor of approximately 1500 m² and 6 above-ground floors for a total of approximately 10,000 m².

It features a flat roof that houses technological systems, underground areas for parking and part of the storage facilities, services, etc.

There are 4 elevators and a central stairway to connect the floors, and 2 external iron fire escape stairs.

Green space, pavement and surfacing works have been carried out in the private outside area of approximately 3,300 m². There is another area of approximately 10,000 m² for tax deductible OOU works in which the road system in front of the building has been redeveloped, with a new roundabout and pavements, a car park with 50 parking spaces, a cycle lane, new surfacing works, new underground utilities, and an underground culvert for water drainage.

The building is intended for use as a residential care facility with a total of 180 beds divided into 100 double and single rooms, with prefabricated bathroom units for inpatient rooms.

  • Contracting entityNumeria SGR S.p.A.
  • Place Nichelino (TO) view map
  • Work start date30/01/2019
  • Work end date02/05/2020
  • Type of workResidenza Sanitaria Assistenziale
  • DesignerStudio Pierro