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Restoration and RestructuringResidenza Sanitaria Assistenziale

Redevelopment of an existing rectangular building consisting of two underground floors of approximately 6,000 m² and 8 above-ground floors, for a total of approximately 12,600 m².
It features a flat roof that houses technological systems, underground areas for parking and part of the storage facilities, services, etc.
There are 4 elevators and a central stairway to connect the floors, and 2 external iron fire escape stairs.
Green space, pavement and surfacing works, etc., will be carried out in the private outside area of approximately 6,600 m².
The building’s facades consist of prefabricated structures that will be redeveloped with special drainage and cleaning systems, while the doors and windows will be replaced with new thermally insulated ones.
The building is intended for use as a residential care facility with a total of 200 beds divided into 100 double and single rooms, with prefabricated bathroom units for inpatient rooms. The top floors 6 and 7 will house single rooms only and will have a higher degree of finish to offer future patients/guests more comfort and services.

  • Contracting entityCarron cav. Angelo S.p.A.
  • Place Torino view map
  • Work start date14/10/2019
  • Type of workResidenza Sanitaria Assistenziale
  • DesignerStudio Pierro