The intervention area in the municipality of Limbiate (province of Monza and Brianza) is at the centre of a vast conurbation built after the 1970s which will now accommodate this mixed-use healthcare/assisted living facility. The aim of the project is to redevelop this abandoned area of the city and streamline the road infrastructure through the arrangement of the surrounding roads and construction of the internal road network.

The project, currently under construction, involves the construction of a building composed of 4 above-ground floors and an underground floor connecting the three residential care facilities with a total of 300 beds, 2 with 120 beds each and one with 60 beds. The latter is detached from the rest of the complex. On the ground floor there is also an integrated day centre. The project is completed by a building that will house the municipal pharmacy and the headquarters of a non-profit organisation. The buildings will have flat roofs to contain the technical volumes and photovoltaic panels, counterbalanced by metal panels.